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The Food Is Medicine (FIM) Map

The FIM Map currently identifies programs in the following areas and has the capacity to expand beyond these five categories over time:

  • Teaching kitchens are learning laboratories for life skills and typically provide education in nutrition, cooking, exercise, mindfulness and behavior change. Teaching Kitchens exist within hospitals, universities, corporate worksites, K-12 schools, museums, libraries, YMCAs and other community organizations.
  • Medically tailored meals are an effective combination of medical nutrition therapy from Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and healthy meals customized to a client’s medical conditions.
  • Fresh Food Farmacy programs provide qualifying patients with access to fresh, healthy, nutritious food, paired with education and clinical services, and more importantly empowers participants in the program to manage their medical conditions through food-related behavior and lifestyle changes.
  • A Produce Prescription Program is a medical treatment or preventative service for patients who are eligible due to a diet-related health risk or condition, food insecurity or other documented challenges in access to nutritious foods, and are referred by a healthcare provider or health insurance plan. These prescriptions are fulfilled through food retail and enable patients to access healthy produce with no added fats, sugars, or salt, at low or no cost to the patient. When appropriately dosed, Produce Prescription Programs are designed to improve healthcare outcomes, optimize medical spend, and increase patient engagement and satisfaction.
  • Nutrition incentives provide a “match” amount for families using SNAP to spend on additional purchases of fruits and vegetables at participating grocery stores and farmers markets.

Our goal is to foster information sharing, education, and collaboration between Food Is Medicine programs both domestically and globally. By applying to have your program added to the map, you can help us identify geographic hotspots for potential collaborations with others in your region seeking to improve public health through food. As it grows, this dynamic map will serve as a powerful public resource for individuals, communities, researchers, and sponsors of research involving FIM.

The FIM Map was originally developed by Food at Google, the Lexicon of Sustainability, and thought leaders from the Food Is Medicine Community. It is now hosted by the Teaching Kitchen Collaborative (TKC) and operated in partnership with Geisinger, God’s Love We Deliver, The Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition, and Wholesome Wave. You can read more about the original partnership and the respective partners here.