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The Teaching Kitchen Collaborative is the only membership organization for teaching kitchens and culinary medicine professionals! We support the growth and advancement of teaching kitchens to improve human and planetary health.

"Teaching kitchens are essential to the long-term success and sustainability of culinary medicine interventions, the health of individuals, and the longevity of our planet."
- Katie Welch, TKC Executive Director

Select the Membership that is Right for You

We offer a range of membership options: from professionals starting to consider the role of teaching kitchens in their businesses to organizations at the forefront of this movement who are shaping the future of health and culinary education.

Professional Membership (Individual)


Who should join?
This level is perfect for INDIVIDUALS (health students and professionals, dietitians, health coaches, chefs, YMCA directors, librarians) who want to learn more about teaching kitchens, get connected to our growing community, and access our original content, resources and toolkits.

When can you become an Professional Member?
You can become an Professional Member at any time. Join now and get immediate access!

What do you get with your membership?
As a Professional Member, you’ll get regular inspiration through a custom email journey, access to fundamental resources and toolkits, four of our outstanding webinars every year, and networking and support from your fellow members. See specific benefits in the chart below!

How much does it cost?
Professional members pay $129/year. 

Professional Member Benefits: 

  • Four live and interactive webinars with CPEUs available for dietitians, led by TKC members and experts. Plus, access to additional webinars at a discounted rate.
  • Access to a Professional-specific member portal including previous webinar recordings, tips, resources, Q&As, and lessons from experienced teaching kitchen teams.
  • An exclusive networking platform where you can connect and collaborate with other Professional members.
  • Bi-monthly themed emails that highlight TKC resources, including case studies, set-up descriptions, toolkits, and more. These guides will take you through how to set up and run a successful teaching kitchen.
  • Other surprise perks such as discounts to partner events and insider opportunities!

See Example of Professional Content HERE

Organization Membership (Companies / Non-profits)


Applications are required for this membership and are DUE BY May 10, 2024 for July 2024 membership.

To learn more, join our complimentary Organization member application info session for 2024 on April 25

Learn more

TKC Organization Members have unmatched expertise in teaching kitchens and culinary medicine. They are the leaders of this global movement, contributing best practices, curricula, research and more to our community and the field.

Organization Membership Eligibility
To be eligible for Organization Membership, your organization must: have an existing teaching kitchen(s) in a medical, academic or community setting that is supported by your institution’s leadership; be active in at least two of the TKC committees or interest groups; and send up to three representatives to one in-person meeting each year.

When can you become an Organization Member?
To become an Organization Member, you must complete a short application and be voted into the Collaborative by our current members. Applications for our next class of Innovators are due on May 10th and terms will start on July 1, 2024.

What do you get with your membership?
The Teaching Kitchen Collaborative is dedicated to enhancing the work of our Organization Members by: promoting their successes; alleviating their burdens and helping to solve their most pressing challenges; and to providing them with professionally aligned colleagues for networking, support and inspiration. Above all, we are committed to building a robust community of professionals and institutions who are working for individual and planetary health.

How much does it cost?
Organization Members pay $3,500/year for up to three members of their team to have access to the TKC. Organization Membership also requires active participation including idea sharing, collaborative best practice generation, and attendance at our annual in-person members meeting. New members must commit to two years. After that time, membership is year to year.

Organization Membership Benefits:

Networking & Gathering
Organization Members —otherwise disparate academic, healthcare, and community organizations around the world—gather in order to exchange best practices, fuel mentorship, provide inspiration, and encourage collaboration. Our annual in-person Organization members meetings accelerate progress toward our mutual goals and synthesize member connections across disciplines.

We support all research activities of our Organization Members, and will connect you to fellow member experts who can help define research questions, evaluate data, and prepare manuscripts. We also help foster research partnerships that aim to build a robust evidence base for teaching kitchens

Our members-only portal houses a library of robust resources for building, implementing, and evaluating teaching kitchens shared by member organizations and built collaboratively between members.

TKC leadership and Organization Members work together to advocate for the importance of teaching kitchens in schools, healthcare institutions, and community organizations. By raising awareness about the benefits of hands-on culinary education, they aim to garner support from policymakers, educators, and the public.

collaboration iconCollaboration
Organization Members drive the agendas of committees and interest groups in order to meet their most pressing needs collectively, because we can achieve more together than we can alone.

Interested in a corporate membership? Contact TKC Executive Director Katie Welch at to learn more!

Help us transform the way people eat, think and move–join the TKC member community today!

Professional MembershipOrganization Membership


Number of individuals who can access our members-only portal (varying levels of content based on membership level)114+4+
Original webinars with CPEUs available for dietitians44All
Bi-monthly themed email series designed to help you set up and run a successful teaching kitchen with resources that include: case studies, set-up descriptions, and toolkits.If desired
Virtual networking opportunities
Original collaboratively built, or member-generated toolkits, original teaching materials, digital recipes, evaluation tools, and best practices
In-person and virtual networking and collaboration opportunities with fellow Organization and Corporate members (including the annual meeting)
Connections with fellow teaching kitchen researchers and opportunities to engage in shared research projects to advance the evidence base
Engagement in specialized committees and interest groups to collaboratively problem-solve and drive strategy
Dedicated 1:1 time with TKC Leadership
Regular, custom updates from national and international Food Is Medicine leaders about policy, strategy, and opportunities for advocacy


$49/year $129/year$3,500/year$50,000/year


Have an existing teaching kitchen(s) in medical, academic, or community setting
Commitment to participate in and contribute to shared goals of the TKC for a minimum of two years
Capacity to be active in at least two of the TKC committees or interest groups
Send up to three representatives to one in-person meeting each year
Submit an application for membership
See a sample of Student member content here.See a sample of Professional member content here.

Learn more about

Organization members'

work here

Everyone should have access to building a teaching kitchen in their community. If the membership prices preclude that option for your organization, please reach out to

Interested in Organization membership?

Click the image above to watch a recording of our Organization member application process.

By being a member of the teaching kitchen collaborative, we've been able to focus on the things that we do well, like food, and tap into the expertise of all of the other members on things like outcomes based research.

Compass Group

It's just been fabulous, hearing from all of the other members, the discussions, the collaborations and the opportunities we have going forward to work as teams and across institutions all over the country.


Us doing this individually won't have as big of an impact as us coming together to really share and learn and implement our learnings in developing the best practices and looking at what are some research models that we can do. that is going to be powerful.


The benefit of being part of the collaborative is that it really helps us to resource good information so I see it as not just a network of people collaborating together but I think it will really be a rich database for us to access some of the research that's going on. It is a network, too, so the ability to develop relationships with people around tbe country...for that matter, around the an opportunity that I think we couldn't have gotten anywhere else.

Hackensack Meridian Health

I think the capacity for multi-site research trials around food and mindful living and exercise and movement is be able to scale opposed to one kitchen if we're thirty...and then sixty...and one hundred...the capacity to reach so many more kids and families...

University of Cincinnati

Not looking for membership right now?

Here are other ways to engage with the TKC:

Enjoy one of our webinars.
The next one on May 8, 2024 is FREE for all!

Teaching Kitchen Research Conference

The conference held on October 18-19, 2022 was a success! Visit the website to view the published abstracts, commentary, and photo gallery.

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If none of these options fit your needs, please let us know what you are interested in learning about from the TKC by filling out this short form.