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What are Teaching Kitchens?

A teaching kitchen is a learning laboratory for life skills. The TKC does not advocate for a particular “diet,” but rather teaches individuals—and by extension, their family members—to eat, cook, move and think more healthfully for a lifetime.

Why are Teaching Kitchens Important?

Teaching kitchens offer education in basic cooking techniques in addition to other self-care topics like enhanced nutrition, mindfulness, physical activity, and behavioral health coaching. While the kitchen itself is an essential component, it is only the location, while the entire teaching kitchen curriculum is what creates positive change.

And a teaching kitchen is a gathering place. Located within a hospital as a space for patients to learn how to reverse a chronic disease, or in a community center as a space for food distribution programs to hold classes on how to create healthier meals for kids, in an office cafeteria that shows employees how delicious a healthier version of lunch can be, or at a farm that supplies local communities with fresh produce and shares how to prepare it.