About the
Teaching Kitchen Collaborative

Our vision: a world in which teaching kitchens are everywhere—advancing personal health and health of the planet.

Our mission: to catalyze and empower a growing network of innovators changing lives through food.

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The Teaching Kitchen Collaborative (TKC) is a network of thought-leading organizations using teaching kitchen facilities as catalysts of enhanced personal and public health across medical, community, school, and corporate settings.

We seek to answer the question: what can we do together that we cannot do on our own?

The TKC launched in 2016 with a group of early advocates for teaching kitchens as a public health intervention, under the leadership of Dr. David Eisenberg. In 2020, the TKC became a 501c3 and now has 45 member organizations. 

The epidemics of obesity and diabetes in the United States have profoundly negative impacts on people, the healthcare system, and the economy. Underlying chronic disease leads to a higher mortality rate for COVID-19. Food insecurity is a major risk factor for health. Enter teaching kitchens: where people learn to eat, cook, move, and think more healthfully—for a lifetime of better health.

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