TKC Member FamilyCook Productions Awarded Funding by the Center for Nutrition Studies

Thanks to a TKC funding alert to members in December 2020, FamilyCook Productions has received a grant of $5K to support  Deliciously Healthy, its’ teaching kitchen work for diet-related chronic disease patients.  FamilyCook Productions has partnered with an NYC public hospital, Gouverneur Hospital, to jumpstart this project for their diabetes patients. Thanks to this additional award from the Center for Nutrition Studies, FamilyCook will extend this work to patients in other hospitals. Currently the program is offered virtually. The project aims to demonstrate that through learning, skill, and experiencing success in cooking affordable, easy and delicious meals, patients can: 1) shift to healthier food behaviors; sustain them, and improve in health status. FamilyCook also aspires to be able to demonstrate a resultant reduction in the cost of care.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by T. Colin Campbell and his esteemed organization for our long history of success to shift behaviors among participants in our programming over so many years,” commented FamilyCook Founder, Lynn Fredericks. “We are delighted to be able to extend this success into patient care with our clinical partners. We strive to develop a reliable, replicable model. Having the support to do follow up with our cohorts in 3 month intervals up to one year will go a long way to achieving this goal.”

Nourishing Underserved Populations Despite Scarcer Resources: Adaptations of an Urban Safety Net Hospital During the COVID-19 Pandemic

TKC Member Boston Medical Center made adaptations to its Nourishing Our Community Program to accommodate restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic to continue providing food and education to patients.

Evaluation of a College-Level Nutrition Course With a Teaching Kitchen Lab

TKC members at the University of California, Berkeley report diet and meal preparation outcomes from a pre/post test evaluation of their nutrition course with an integrated teaching kitchen lab.