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CHEF (Culinary Health Education Fundamentals) Coaching Program & the Adaptive Kitchen


# of participants in 2022

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Bringing Culinary Medicine to Clinician Practice and Physical Rehabilitation

The Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, a Harvard Medical School teaching affiliate, is a world leader in advanced rehabilitation treatment and research. Spaulding has two teaching kitchen initiatives: 1) Culinary Health Education Fundamentals (CHEF) Coaching program – an innovative program designed to provide easy-to-follow culinary education to improve the quality and scope of food preparation in the home; and 2) Adapted kitchen – a fully functional educational kitchen for patients to practice meal preparation as part of the rehabilitation process. 

The CHEF Coaching is focused on the culinary coaching (CC), an evidence base telemedicine model aimed at improving eating habits through health coaching combined with culinary training. CHEF Coaching has two arms—research and education. The research arm studies the best principles and tools for sustainable home cooking habits, and the educational component disseminate this knowledge to clinicians and health care professionals.  

Key Data

  • CHEF Coaching Program: 933 clinicians trained 

  • ADAPTIVE KITCHEN: Approximately 100 patients benefit from utilizing the adaptive kitchen on a weekly basis

Quick Facts


CHEF Program: 3 Physicians, 4 Chefs, 5 Health coaches. ADAPTIVE KITCHEN: 34 OTs, 5 TRTs

Built-in kitchen in the community

Highlights of the CHEF Coaching Program:

  • 2014 – CHEF Coaching for Patients successfully developed and piloted
  • 2015 – CHEF Coaching for Patients implemented as a service at Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston, MA
  • 2016 – Approved as a program within The Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Harvard Medical School
  • 2016 – Harvard Medical School approves onsite component of CHEF Coaching for Clinicians for Continuing Medical Education credits
  • 2017 – Culinary coaching module included in Veterans Administration’s physicians’ assistant training program
  • 2018 – CHEF Coaching for Clinicians approved for continuing education credits by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • 2022 – Spanish language cohort added to the CHEF Coaching for Clinicians offerings
  • 2022 – Approved CE Course for National Board of Health & Wellness Coaching
  • 2022 – Approved CEH provider for the American Culinary Federation
  • 2023 – Implementation in institutions such as Queen’s University Medical School, Kalamazoo Community College
  • 2023 – CHEF Coaching for Clinicians included as the culinary medicine module of the ABLM course
  • 2023 – CHEF Coaching for Clinicians added as  ACLM course for health coaches


After the clinician’s CHEF coaching program, we were able to not only teach a cooking class and teach culinary skills…but also it gave us, and it gave me skills to become a better doctor. I feel like the active listening and the motivational interviewing helped me to be more present with my patients. It helped me to be more aware and address some of their obstacles in addition to celebrating their wins.

Doctor Theresa Stone


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