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SOAR (Survivors Overcoming and Achieving Resiliency) Virtual Teaching Kitchen


People served since 2022

Member since 2023

Promoting Survivorship and Prevention in the Teaching Kitchen

The Moffitt Cancer Center’s mission is to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer for their patients in Tampa, Florida. The Moffitt Cancer Center launched the 9-week SOAR (Survivors Overcoming and Achieving Resiliency) program for breast cancer survivors who have recently completed treatment. Begun in 2018 and transitioned online in 2020, SOAR reaches individuals across Florida and Puerto Rico with mindfulness and plant-based nutrition education. Moffitt welcomed their 8th cohort to the SOAR program in fall 2022, which has an increasingly long waitlist and glowing reviews from participants. One participant wrote, “The entire course is a MUST for ANY cancer patient. The cooking demos were super! It gave me confidence to try the recipes at home for myself and my family!”

Moffitt looks forward to expanding their nutrition program to meet the needs of their patients, building their own brick and mortar teaching kitchen, collaborating with other teaching kitchens promoting cancer survivors, and developing a Food as Medicine program in Tampa. 


Key Data

  • SOAR is a 9-week virtual teaching kitchen program for cancer survivors that has impacted the lives of greater than 150 patients and their families.

  • Our virtual program serves cancer survivors from more than 9 Florida counties and Puerto Rico.

  • Survivors are enrolled as part of an IRB-approved study.

Quick Facts


1 Physician, 1 RD, 1 PA-C/ Culinary Medicine Specialist/ RD, 1 Survivorship Program Coordinator

Virtual kitchen


The entire course is a MUST for ANY cancer patient. The cooking demos were super! It gave me confidence to try the recipes at home for myself and my family!

SOAR participant


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