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Kitchen, Cooking, Competence! Translating Nutrition, Health Literacy, and Counseling Skills into People’s Lives

The goals of Culinary Medicine Germany reach multiple sections of society, including a range of health professional students, undergraduates, staff in an academic medical center, young people, and the community at large.  

To strengthen interdisciplinary and inter-professional education in the field of nutrition and medicine, the Institute for Nutrition and Psychology at the Georg-August University Gottingen developed an elective culinary medicine course that is being tested in multiple sites. The teaching kitchen also serves students in agricultural, scientific, and sports majors and is open to all students to coincide with a healthy campus program at the university. At the associated medical center, they offer teaching kitchen interventions for staff.

Culinary Medicine Germany reaches younger people by staging a teaching kitchen and multiple hands-on experiences at the Expo of Ideas, Europe’s largest education fair for Generation Z. They look to increase their education around sustainable development, the connection between food and climate, and a larger transformation of knowledge on the premise that nutrition and cooking and eating together are active contributors to cultural and social fabric. To reach the broader community, CMG offers scientific cooking shows with Germany’s only Michelin 3-star chef, empowering all parts of the society to make healthy and sustainable food choices.


Key Data

In the last three years

  • 2,500 pupils age 12-18 at Expo of Ideas
  • 200 students attending courses in practice
  • 1,000 attendants at scientific cooking show
  • 1,000 participants in online courses
Quick Facts


1 MD, 1 Sustainability Professor, 1 Social scientist, 3 Nutrition scientists, 2 Registered dietitians, 3 Chefs, 1 Food Physicist, 4 Medical Students

Built-in kitchen in a university setting

(also pop-up in community)


An every day home-cooked meal made from fresh, natural or organic ingredients, prepared with love, and a shared meal, is sustainability in practice!

Uwe Neumann


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