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Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Program


Students reached since 2021

Member since 2022

Preparing Health and Wellness Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

This K-12 school brings students into teaching kitchens and wellness education through the lens of entrepreneurship and sustainability. Students can participate in the school’s culinary arts program with classes covering culinary skills, culinary management and entrepreneurship, and agriculture and sustainability. The aim is to further students’ knowledge of the food system theoretically and provide hands-on practice with cooking, composting, and gardening. With students from 14 different countries, the program promotes experience and understanding of international cooking traditions.

A key feature of the kitchen is that it is built onto the back of the 4,000 sq. foot state-of-the-art greenhouse which enables students to have a true “Farm-to-School” atmosphere where many ingredients are grown just 20 feet away from the kitchen. The aim is to equip entrepreneurs of the future to bring sustainable solutions to the problems of a changing environment, especially regarding agriculture and food systems. Children learn how entrepreneurship can play a part in health and wellness going into the future to encourage healthy lifestyles for all.


Key Data

  • Over 150 high school students participating in semester or year-long classes in the teaching kitchen
  • Over 1,000 Kindergarten through 8th grade students participating in a hands-on, healthy eating class in the space
  • “Rescued” over 150 pounds of produce from the school’s greenhouse
Quick Facts


1 chef, 1 program director, 1 horticulture assistant

Built-in kitchen in a school setting


This program is about connecting students to food and its origins through empowerment both in the kitchen and in the garden.

Stephen Carter, program director

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