Santa Barbara, California


# of students served in 2022

Member since 2023

Bringing the Community Together Over Shared Meals

In this community-based teaching kitchen, learning how to cook together is just the beginning. Children and adolescents in its 15+ after-school classes and summer camps also experience setting a beautiful table, eating together, composting, and the personal responsibility that comes with washing dishes. The team of 10 culinary educators gets specific about knife skills and techniques so students come away with a true understanding of their craft. The Tasty Transformations curriculum teaches the fun science of food. For school-based lessons, the team brings their signature mobile teaching cart, which can be assembled with accessible supplies and equipment for around $1,500.

Apples to Zucchini also reaches adults in its programming with a practical, skills-based approach. The team was also recently awarded a grant from the Ardmore Foundation to develop a Food Is Medicine curriculum aimed at improving adults’ health. Their mission is to bring people together over shared meals by teaching children, teens and adults how to prepare delicious, nutritious, affordable meals made from seasonal and local ingredients.


Key Data

  • Grew from 55 students in 2016 to 1,075 students in 2022
  • 200 Students per week
  • 75% of produce is local and donated
Quick Facts


10 Culinary Educators (3 retired teachers), 50 Volunteers, 1 Doctor, 2 LCSWs

Built-in kitchen in the community


In 10 weeks, students gain kitchen confidence, skills, and a willingness to try new foods!