Teaching Kitchen Consulting Services

Teaching Kitchen Facility Design Consulting

Are you keyed in to the unique considerations that distinguish a teaching kitchen from a commercial or home kitchen?

The TKC, a leading expert in teaching kitchens, now offers consulting services to help support and optimize the design of a cutting-edge teaching kitchen for your institution. If your organization is interested in one of the options below, we would be happy to have a complimentary 30 minute zoom call to discuss your project.

Design Plan Review

For those already working with an architect.

The TKC will review your conceptual teaching kitchen facility design and propose improved space efficiencies, identify safety & sanitation requirements in your city, and recommend equipment lists and other best practices for maximizing your space.

Concept Development

For those who have not yet started the process of designing a TK facility.

Whether you have an architect or would like us to connect you with one, the TKC can be your long-term partner in all facets of your future teaching kitchen. We’ll provide detailed planning and support for the design, build, program implementation and outcomes research of your teaching kitchen.

Food System Transformation Consulting

Are you a health care facility interested in creating a customer-based, healthy food initiative? We can help you revamp your hospitality systems resulting in improved customer satisfaction scores and increased organizational sustainability in a successful and financially responsible manner.

Our food system transformation consultant can work with your organization to create and implement an innovative healthy food initiative with a specific targeted strategy for the implementation and successful rollout of a healthy, affordable, sustainably sourced, food accessibility program. All of these programs help your facility and teams to create a patient and employee-centric culture, improve employee engagement, and expand wellness and nutritious food options for all constituents.